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    • Moseley
      Moseley replied to the thread Battery light staying on bright.
      If yours is a genuine Bosch, I’d personally take it to an auto electrician and see if they can rebuild it. If it isn’t, I’d look for a...
    • Moseley
      Just to throw another option in there from my experience, if the leaves have been properly pre-loaded then with the van off the ground...
    • Moseley
      Moseley replied to the thread Delrin shift rod bush.
      The white aftermarket ones are pretty poor… way too much slack on the guide pin. But 33 quid for a plastic bush 😳 I’ve always wondered...
    • Moseley
      Moseley replied to the thread Track Rods, ends and tracking..
      I’ve found that the steering wheel centering is simple enough to do by just spinning the wheel from lock to lock - with the drag link...
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