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    • pierrox
      123, pricey but worth it
    • pierrox
      pierrox reacted to static's post in the thread Which oil with Like Like.
      I don’t know what they’re on about. Everyone I know (in California) uses 20w50 with Zinc in their buses. I used to use 30w in my bus...
    • pierrox
      pierrox reacted to Clem's post in the thread Which oil with Like Like.
      In the event of a nuclear war where everything is destroyed and devastated, I forsee a lone survivor, crawling through ruinous rubble...
    • pierrox
      pierrox replied to the thread Which oil.
      I was in the US for a short time and I asked which brand/flavour of oil I should get there. I mentioned that in Europe, I use 15W50 or...
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