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Apr 27, 2020
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Following on from this thread. https://earlybay.com/threads/fuel-oil-leak.79608/

I've finally got round to working on my bus. I've had some of the oil leaks fixed. But the smell of fuel is still strong in the oil. I've found a leak from the external oil filter for my air cooler.

I've gotten round to changing the fuel pump, but I've ordered this one from JK. https://www.justkampers.com/113127025d-dynamo-fuel-pump-vw-beetle-1960-1973-vw-t2-split-1960-1967-vw-t2-bay-1600cc-1967-1973.html which I suspect is the wrong one, as the recommended rod for it is 108mm.

After removing my old fuel pump I decided to measure the rod, and its 100mm. I also had a good smell round and could smell fuel in the opening to the block and there was some under the gasket of the flange. (I could have spilt a tiny bit removing the fuel pump, I cleaned it all up).

After reading other threads here, I have a few newbie questions, how do I tell if I have an alternator or a dynamo?

The fuel pump I have removed is a euromax 879427, which I can't find anywhere, so would anyone have any recommendations?

I've attached a picture of the engine bay as it is now, you can see the cardboard under the external oil cooler, I've changed this 4 times recently as it ends up looking like the other picture, and the oil level never seems to go down checking using the dipstick.

I'm guessing the fuel in the oil has damaged a seal in the external oil filter. I wanted to change the fuel pump and then dump all the oil, and remove that oil filter and see what's inside.



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Looks like you're running a generator/dynamo. A pic from above would help.
If all you're doing is moving it in and out of the garage it'll be on full choke all the time and pouring fuel into the cylinders.
Hey sparkywig

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I've managed to get round to taking a few photos from above.



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Remember that a van is like Trigger's broom, just because the one you took off is such and such doesn't mean it is correct..... go for an in-line electric fuel pump and cut out the middle man.
Yes get an electric fuel pump. Ignition on, fuel pumps immediately and therefore does not depend on engine turning to give fuel to carb. I use Facet made in USA. Do not buy China junk which is from C&C. For another 20 quid a quality Facet pump it is worth it.


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