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Parts For Sale now sold: 1600 engine for sale (august 2023)

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Feb 29, 2012
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Hi, I’m getting a new bigger engine from Abel soon and so have my existing twin port to sell.

it runs well, doesnt burn or leak too much oil and has had regular 3000mile or less oil changes since Ive had the van.

its a AH 1974 engine and according to engine code would have case savers fitted in the factory. I don’t know the history of the engine but my guess is that it’s a reconditioned unit that did 1000 miles before I bought the camper. So around 33000 miles so far. I’m going to France in July so will have a few more miles on it when sold.

its only been driven by me, I’m an engineer and I drive with mechanical sympathy. its never been a problem, and it’s taken us to outer Hebrides, Austria, France, Portugal, Spain and plenty of places i between and in the uk. it sits happily at 55mph, but will scoot up to 65 on motorway for overtakes. will cross the A66 in 4th in either direction, so by that measure I think it’s pretty good.

i Want to keep a few bits to transfer to my new engine so sale doesn’t include …..
alternator, but I can include dynamo and 2 working voltage regulators
bug oil thermometer thing
distributor and coil
unless we do a deal (but my alternator is bosch, and my distributor is 123 - so expensive bits)

bits that are newish… (less than 10 years….)
clutch pressure plate (2018)
heat exchangers (2018/19)
exhaust (standard) 2018/19
stainless steel tailpipe

the engine will be in York, and if you want to experience it then I’m happy to take you out for a spin

ill offer it here in first instance, if no interest then eBay in august

say £1200?
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hi, still for sale! i will be taking out of the van in 2 weeks. its still going strong - currently in Brittany enjoying plenty of wind and rain
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