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Aug 9, 2013
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Help - I will post a wanted ad in the parts section, but it's advice that I'm after as I think the original tin is rare

Who in UK/Europe/US sells the front tin that goes over the flywheel for a 1968 Bay?

I have a Doghouse, I can cope with cutting the hole for that but would rather not adapt a beetle part to fit the hole. I've tried all normal UK vendors and got wrongly advised by VW Heritage and can't see the right part for sale anywhere. As many of you will know it has a flat top, I have a photo but can't post cause of the quota

Help! - I can't be the only one who's struggled with this :evil:
Your only option will be to find a second hand item, I fold my old hacked one to Simon from Butty's bits so I expect there will be a re placement available in the future.
In the mean time you could use a beetle one in conjunction with part of a latebay foam seal, this what I have done and it works a treat and only takes a few minuets
Ok, that could get me through while I'm sourcing an OE one ... Don't suppose you could post/send me a photo of the foam in situ, I'm struggling to picture how it would fill the corners, I've got a bit of T1/Bettle tin in there at the moment
I have sent you a PM, for anyone els in the same situation.

Part required - Late Bay engine bay seal.

1) Re fit rubber engine bay seal below fuel tank so that it is angles down wards.

2) cut a length of foam seal to fit over the front engine to, I used double sided tape to help keep it in place when fitting.

3) Fit engine and push foam seal under rubber seal.

http://forum.earlybay.com/viewtopic.php?t=18431" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
A guy was selling correct ones at Stanford hall today,I paid £80 for the pleasure...he did have 3 or 4 more but I didn't catch guys name
There's also adapter plates you can weld or rivet onto beetle tin to make it fit early bays. They are a simple shape so you could also make them yourself.
Like in 67 Bay's link and Trikky2 suggested ... I welded an adapter plate on a Beetle tin. Not OEM but works well.

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