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May 27, 2019
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1969 Bay Window
Mountain Warehouse is selling Nikwax spray on tent re proofer with uv protection at half price. £14.99.

Comes with handy spray gun. Just done mine in around 15mins. Simply spray on (clean first if necessary) rub excess in with a cloth and have a beer. Jobs a goodn !!
My tip
put rubber band around pipe on inside to stop it pulling out - and squeeze container between legs to get it started.
Working a treat - only used half so plenty left to re proof outdoor kit too !!!
Winner winner 🍗🍗


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Good for my sneakers too. :)
I'll try having a beer next time.:D
Do you have a link as I can't seem to find it on their site? Or is it in-store only? Thanks.
Paying more attention to the photo I can see the price stickers so assuming in-store purchase. I'll pop down to my nearest store to check it out. Thanks again for posting this.
Mine was in Kidderminster store.
Pretty impressed with the result 🌈👍

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