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Continental roof bed kit

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Jun 11, 2012
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Hamburg, Germany
Westfalia Continental roof bed kit
matching for early bays
parts included:
- wood panels cut to size
- hardware (bought once here in the forum)
manual also included
wooden panels only need to be upholstered
Price: €300 plus shipping

Might also sell only the hardware as shipping the wood panels might be difficult...

Olaf/DFL said:
shipping to the UK is €20 (incl tracking and insurance).
Pm sent

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hi is there any way you would sell the hardware? It would be really difficult to ship the wood to the US. Please let me know. I am also on whats app +1 (858) 361-3990
Didnt realise that they commanded that sort of money. Think i need to dust down my original one and get it sold
Do you still have these kids for sale? I'm actually only after the metal bar to support the head rest plus brackets, can you sell this separately?

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