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Sep 10, 2021
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Germany, Berlin
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Hello, i'm Sascha from Germany. I live near Berlin. After building my wife a pool and patio i was allowed to buy a project 😅. I bought a 1970's Bay in very bad condition but i love challenges. I want to introduce my project and show you the progress in pictures. Hope the pictures will help someone.


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The rear upper shock absorber mount Was totally damaged. I find out this problem isn't rare as i thought. Here some pics how i solved this.
Firstly i drilled and cut out the mount.
Another pic from the badly repaired mount ☹
I cut the mount in two pieces (at the original weld) after that i cut out the bad attempted repair by the pre owner and weld in new sheet and a new pipe for the mounting screw.
This is the result 😊. 20220728_204210.jpg20220728_204239.jpg20220728_204250.jpg20220728_204315.jpg20220728_204323.jpg20220728_204539.jpg
Thank you davidoft.
Here some mor pics from resto progress.
The lower end of the c-pillar was rotten (surprise, surprise) so I have to build a new one and weld in. 20230215_165541.jpg20230215_165555.jpg20230225_154215.jpg20230225_154220.jpg20230226_132835.jpg20230226_132903.jpg
Unfortunatelly nobody will see this Part again if the new wheel arch is welded in 😊.
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Hi there. That looks like exceptionally decent work. I have a wild wild guess that this might not be the first time you’ve done something like this. The whole van on the trailer looks to be in great shape but I guess when you start digging, that’s when these ‘ little issues ‘ appear. But that is always the way. I still think that it’s some part of a miracle that any of these are still around after fifty plus years and there are bound to be many a temporary repair etc from when they were worth next to nothing.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, keeps us entertained :) :D :)
Hi Ozziedog, you are totally right. It's not the first time I do something like this. Yes, the whole van looks great on the pics. But as you can see the van is in very bad condition. The van comes back from USA, has tons of filler on it due to huge dents everywhere. It seems this poor car stood in a river. I have found tons of sand and stones in the side members and there was a lot of construction foam in the sills. In the past it was a Westfalia Camper van but a pre owner takes a sliding roof lid and welded it in the roof hole. There is still a lot of work so I will keep entertaining you 😉.
Hello sparkywig, thank you for your warm welcome. I Hope my pics will help other members. Sometimes it is hard to find pics to see how it has to be.
Some news from Grandpa. I made a new repairpanel with my Bead Roller and weld it in.
After that I fit the repairpanel for the bulge behind the drivers seat. I think it fits perfectly... 20230320_213347.jpg
Tomorrow I will TIG weld it.
Hi Albie5, thank you for the praise. I buy from different dealers, e g. Bus OK, Hoffmann Speedster, CSP, Serial Kombi ... and I make some smaller repair panels myself.
News from Grandpa. The left rear wheelarch is welded in. 20230401_220842.jpg
After cleaning the weld seam.
Today i have weld in a new old left sidewall and the left outer sill.
The process goes on 🙂.

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