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    my first double cab 1971

    Very nice 🤙🏻
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    My new 69 crewcab.

    Bloody pigeon!!!!!
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    My new 69 crewcab.

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    My new 69 crewcab.

    Not much to report over the last year or so, we’ve used the crewcab loads!!! Unfortunately it’s currently off the road with a smashed windscreen 😞
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    My new 69 crewcab.

    Small update, we now have a canvas cover for the back, a westy roof rack, twin Weber 34 carbs & a 15 month old girl.
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    My 68 Single Cab.

    Wow , very neat workmanship!!! Nice mind!
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    Fitting a westfalia interior in a micro bus

    Have a look on my crossover build thread, if the pics are still there??? I put a Westy Berlin interior in .
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    How many nights?

    I turn 40 this year, so I want to do 40 nights away!! I’ve never actually slept in my Earlybay mind, as it’s a pickup truck, we sleep in the Rapido folding caravan, so,,, as we’re bending rules !!
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    Hello! This is our doublecab

    Hello & welcome aboard, nice crewcab 8) I too have got a crewcab, 1969 :D
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    Air cooled attendance at shows?

    A lot of people I know have a bay or split in the garage & a T4/5 for actually going away in !! I can’t afford both! I had a T4 briefly, but it wasn’t for me , so back in a bay & loving it !!!! Personally I only do shows within an hours drive( we have a 6 month old baby) , & even up North I’m...
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    Bringing back to life

    Nice !! Good luck, hope it’s back on the road again asap!!
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    1970 Westy (T-Boned)

    Well worth the perseverance !!!!!
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    The Way Forward - Pre Bay Purchase

    Some belter looking Earlybay’s for sale on this forum lately !!!
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    68 Crew Cab

    Well I ended up with a crewcab after all 8)