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1967 Deluxe Camper

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Mar 8, 2009
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1967 ‘E’ plate very early bay Deluxe for sale

Built 21st November – This is a 1 year only model

I am thinking about selling my van so here are the details and pictures

This was imported from California in October 2008, I brought it off the importer in March 2009. It is a very nice solid original dry van the only bit of welding I needed to do was the battery tray. I have completely replaced the interior from a microbus to now a full campervan. All the external seals were replaced due to sun in California perishing them over the years. Underneath has been clear wax oiled so is not hiding anything, whist this was done also the inside of the panels / doors and cavities.
This van really is superb It took me and other half around Europe last summer for 8 weeks, covering over 6,000 miles with no problems (this is why I have a heavy heart selling her). Only one hitch was fuel pump died on the M25 coming home (typical), but it still got us home.
Colour is Savannah Beige, looks like it has been re-sprayed at some point in its life but the paint work is very good. Viewing highly recommended. All side panels are nice and straight.
The van is kept in a garage and has been since I have owned it, it is not really used in the rain unless when were away.

Bad Points
The usual few dents in the front panel but this just adds to the character, slight bubble on the rear corner, and the front lower arch has a small hole. But as you will see this is not detrimental to a van of nearly 43 years old. The van has not been fully restored as doesn’t need to be this is an original van.

¾ Westy Rock and Roll bed
Westy Buddy seat
Westy Wardrobe
Bed, Buddy seat and rear cushion have been recovered and new foam fitted
New Rear panels recovered
New Black & White Chequered floor layed
New 3 Way 45L Chest fridge
2 x 6x9 Alpine Speakers fitted in bed + Amp under bed
Sourced Red Front Seats
Fitted new Mad Matz Walkthrough, cab floor and dash mat
New Front kick panels + Speakers
New Wheel arch and under seat rubbers
New Wolfsburg 3 Point front Seat Belts
Alpine Head unit with Ipod connection
Temperature, Pressure & Volt gauge fitted
New window seals all round
New Door seals
New Engine Lid Seal
New Sliding door seal
New Front Indicator Lenses
Roof rack fitted
Tyres are 14” stock wheels with 165/55 on the front and 185/75 commercial on rear
Headlight Grills fitted
Mild lowering using Red9 Design Coilover kit down 4” front with adjustable dampers. 1 spline out at the rear
Front and Rear bumper re-sprayed

Parts underneath that have been replace are;
Starter Motor
Clutch friction plate & Pressure plate + Release Bearing
Reconditioned steering box fitted
Brakes serviced all round
New accelerator cable
All heater parts replaced
Reversing lights now changed to indicators
Leisure battery fitted

Re-built to 1776 by Richard Morena (only done approx 1500miles)
New twin webber ict 34’s
Remote oil cooler with fan
Remote filter
New 4-1 header with Mondo Back box
Automatic Fire extinguisher

Price £12,500
Could possibly arrange to remove the engine and replace with a stock unit. £11,000






Ok guys back up now, seen something I want. And need to pay a few debts off. Will be really sad to sell but if I get the right price then It has to be done.

Recent work over the winter as follows

Full service
Rolling road tuned / Carbs correctly set up. Produced 76bhp
Oil breather fitted
New fuel lines fitted
Wheels painted
Roof Rack painted
Rear set back to stock height then lowered with horseshoe plates to keep a nice ride

New price is £13,000
Seen this Bus with my own eyes and its sweet 8)
Worth every penny.

Good luck.


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