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Vehicle For Sale 1971 VW Delux Microbus / camper / day van, Cali import,

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dubs and classics

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May 7, 2010
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Norfolk, uk
Selling on behalf of a customer
1971 Delux Microbus / camper in excellent condition
We have had the pleasure of maintaining this lovely bus since the current owner aquired it, about 7 years ago, so can confirm that it really is one of the best you will find. Underneath is exceptionally good, and you can tell its spent most of its life in sunny climes, as it is still as it left the VW factory, with no welding been done in the past, and none needed either. We are happy to put it up on the lift for any viewers to see this for themselves.
Obviously this is tax and MOT exempt, but we are happy to put a new MOT on it for the buyer, as it expires in August. The current owner has MOT'ed it every year in his ownership, and any advisories have been done straight away.

From the owner...

For sale is my 1971 VW Deluxe Microbus. light patina, last of the Early Bay Windows.

Built in Hannover for a customer in Spain ( I have the VW factory birth certificate )I suspect for an American serviceman ? it ended up in California where it has spent most of its life, sadly no documented history.
It was imported from Pasadena California to UK in June 2010 . Purchased by the current owner 7 years ago in August 2014 from Type 2 Detectives in Burwell, Cambs, where they had completely gone through the bus (info in History File too much to list) and lowered the bus with a slight nose down stance and fitted with black Gasburner wheels which really suit the bus against the light colour..
The bus handles and brakes really well ( disc brakes up front) and the addition of a Butty,s blitz accelerator linkage make it very responsive.
Further upgrades included twin 34 ICT Weber carbs , Mallapasi fuel regulator,and fuel cut off solenoid added to the 1600cc single port engine, which pulls strongly and has been very reliable.

New alternator, electronic ignition have also been added including recent new battery. I have added accessories outside, such as front replica Porsche 356 spotlight with grill, stainless VW badge up front from air cooled accessories. Inside I have added quick shifter and gear lever extension from justkampers.
All new cab doors seals and scrapers, with new rear hatch and engine door seals. Door handles and Wolfsburg window winders inc chrome door pulls, Bamboo parcel shelf, a remote control stereo with usb linked to 4 speakers to provide the tunes.
A full width Rusty Lee Rock n Roll bed, the table, storage box seat (inc matching cushion)and removable (two butterfly nuts behind pass seat) chuck box containing a single burner cooker and storage for brew kit etc, made from pallet wood which has been bleach waxed for that beach vibe interior , which I think go perfectly with the patina look of this bus.

This is a walk through model with carpet front and rear from Mad Matz in maroon brickweave, along with curtains from the VW Curtain company formerly of Holbeach, add to the interior appeal. Original seat covers up front with rear upholstery by Marshland Trimming in cream vinyl with maroon piping to finish off the interior for a practical overnighter / day bus. (Original rubber cab mat and some other items inc in sale)
My asking price is £16,500 which I believe is good value for an early bay of this quality.
In short an honest solid bus with only a bit of rust under the front windscreen (has been treated ). I have also recently added an electric washer pump and LED bulbs to the interior lights.

Soundproofing has been added with Dynamat from the waist level down further enhanced with Dodo mat soundproofing along with recycled plastic bottle insulation and vapour barriers have to improve accoustics when driving.

I am selling due to taking early retirement and not really using the bus,only covering approx a thousand miles a year. The bus is tax exempt and MOT,d and serviced each year regardless of mileage which stands at 66,936 .It’s time to pass this on for someone else to enjoy thank you for looking.

Vehicle is based at Dubs and Classics, near Kings Lynn, Norfolk

Please contact us on 07794201816 during business hours for more details


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