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71 above engine wooden trims

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rackhams ipswich

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Jun 30, 2011
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fire retardent ply wooden trims, same as factory o/e cut in house £65.00 plus vat,can collect from Stanford Hall or Ipswich. email [email protected]
01473 74154

Just popped in and came away with one of these. Can't wait to get it fitted. Cheers guys.
now making new batch in 5 mm fire retardent

same price £65.00 plus vat.

delivery a1 m62 next week or so.
Hi what is the difference between the 67 to 71 and the 71 only... My bus is a 71 early small rear light... What is the availability? Thanks Ben
hi mate, we do 67-71 and 71 year only is yours the one with all the holes, if so they work out £65.00 plus vat plus £12.00 postage and we sold out at stanford hall but we are going to make 5 sets for shipping tail end of next week.

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