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Oct 5, 2006
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Hi All you lovely Earlybayers!

I have been speaking to Nathan @ Custom and Commercial and he is able to offer us the following discount.

Please enter or give the code when buying products - code EBFR2017

This is valid for one year as of today and will you a 10% discount with custom & commercial, for all parts except klassic fb panels and NOS parts.

A huge thanks to C&C for this, now go forward and purchase me lovelies 8)" onclick=";return false;
Very nice!

Sadly a month or two too late...

I asked the guys when I made some orders nothing available then.

Nice work Easy and Nathan!

Thank you very much!!

Finally, struggled with discount with C&C, Nathan always very helpful, unlike some other staff! Spent loads so 10% will help!
Good work i like to buy from them don't forget to get another next year.
It is still valid, for a year, any probs let me know :mrgreen:
68_early_bay said:
just rang up and placed an order, gave him the code from above and it worked for me :)

infant scrap that. ........ phoned up used code ordered stuff was told the total price then paid, received the parts last night by courier and found out on the invoice they had charged my card £20 more, which was £5 more than the total for the parts on their website,

quality customer care guys, quality.
Please call the office and we will sort this out for you.


The early bay discount code we set up is for online orders only, so if you phone up to order you cant use the code.
I have now set up the NEW discount code: EB2016

This is valid until the end of 2016 and will give you a 10% discount with custom & commercial, for all parts except klassic fab panels, kits and NOS parts.

Please enter the code EB2016 when buying products online.

This code will ONLY work for ONLINE orders.


Jon" onclick=";return false;
Happy to help,

Any questions about any of our products, ordering or the web site let me know as now work at C&C.

Many thanks as always Jon :mrgreen:

Small order placed today. 8)

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