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Hi, start of this thread says you are based in Huntingdon, is that still the case or have you moved ? I am about 30 mins away if you are still there and looking for door panels and rock and roll bed cushions (volkswares full width). Thanks Jon.
Ah sorry bud I’ll need to change that. We’re based in Scotland but we supply all over the UK. If you take a look at and see anything you like drop me an email and we can send you samples etc 👍


Did you used to live on the road out of Wistow near the junction on the Warboys rd? If so I used to drive past your house and the camper parked there a few times each week dropping my Mrs. off at Bury.
For everyone that says that my interior is rubbish but my seats are nice and the door cards and the bed, these are the guys that did my seats and bed and cards. Still looking real good too. :)

Ozziedog,,,,,, still love that iron fabric. :)
Pleased to hear that Ozzie 👍👍

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