Dubs At The Castle

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Great piccies, what was with the wide angle lens ???
Did it really need that to get my belly in :unsure:
Thanks for joining in, we all need perhaps to push this show a lot more at the beginning of the season to try and get more air coolers in that little parking space. It’s a real nice part of it.:cool:

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, just another cracking show:)
Sorry Ozziedog, did not mean to.😳

Was great to join in again, been too long. Would be good to see more returning to the team 😎

Always enjoyed datc nice chilled show.
I think you’ll find that this is just an extract from the whole event post, just an extract because we were chatting about this particular bit of the show as in the fancy dress theme. The previous actual event poster does indeed have dates and times on.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,, but don’t panic ,,,,it’s gone now :) ;):)
Apologies. I did t mean it as dig at you
That’s OK James, I didn’t think of it like that anyway. What have you got lined up then ,, anything interesting. I’ve got Techenders up in Lutterworth at the start of September and Weobley Castle at the end of September if I can shuffle stuff around but I don’t have anything really booked in for August. Maybe take Mrs Ozziedog down to the coast if it’s nice on the weekends.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,Still working on cleaning up the bumpers right now. :)