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Sold For sale 1968 deluxe tin top

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May 4, 2008
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For sale 1968 deluxe tin top
Walk through with M501 removable

bench seat Imported from california

Converted to RHD

All 68 only parts are present, doors, dashboard, clocks, sunvisers, rear view mirror

Body is mainly original paint dented and scratched, front panel was repainted, passenger door has old re paint , underside and interior were blasted and painted, cavities all dinitroled , late bay engine inspection hatch, six opening quarter lights and rear safari, all new window seals ,

Interior seats blasted painted new padding and covers , full width rock and roll bed with new boards, foam & covers westfalia hinges, rear and side jailbars, madmats flooring, westfalia front cot, hidden stereo, new underneath seat mats , original rubber floor mats, empi gear stick, under dash trays

Brakes airkewld wilwood discs on front, beam mounted porsche 944 ate servo, wilwood bias valve, hurst line lock (great for hill starts)

Suspension king and link pin conversion, refurbed spindles, cb performance 2" narrowed beam, slamworks rear adjustable spring plates, front and rear adjustable spaxs shocks

Engine subaru 2L na, Rjes loom, radiator, just had oil and filter & timing belt. Stainless exhaust, lowered sump

Gearbox 2L rebult by bears with longer 3rd & 4th gears for fuel economy , Rjes bell housing and input shaft, subaru starter and clutch

Peter good loom , Engine bay fire extinguisher, subaru immobiliser , big varta battery

Mws empi fives wheels, Michelin fronts , Firestone rears

Buttys bits accelerator linkage, locking fuel cap, locking engine lid all on one key

The bus has covered around 10 000 miles since full strip and rebuild, always garaged

It hasn't been used much over the last two years since we converted a T5 hence why its for sale.

22k located in Leicester
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