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New starter motor. Powerlite RAC525 which has a self supporting drive pinion. There was sale on at JustKampers so I bought it from them.
not bad for £216.

It's all in now and working.

PowerLite RAC525.jpg

There had been a bolt used on the lower fitting but I added a stud with a 15mm nut.


I used an allen head bolt instead of the D bolt which doesn't work with this starter motor. You can see it in the above picture with my allen wrench in it. It takes an 8mm driver.


I ended up removing the heater tube as it was in the way for fitting the new starter motor.
Fab pics Mike 👍 great to see Monty out and about. I headed North out of Wales in Winnie yesterday, loving that new front bush, 3rd down to 2nd is a breeze now 👍
Love seeing pics like this… great seeing them being enjoyed 😎🌈👍

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