Oval dowel pin holes on crankshaft. What should I do?

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Sep 4, 2020
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The last time I started my 1600 engine there was a clanking noise and engine oil coming from the bell housing. On removing the engine today the flywheel was wobbly and the gland nut was not even hand tight. I suspect that the last person to rebuild the engine (I was told this was fairly recent when I bought my van) had not tightened the gland nut sufficiently and it had worked loose, unless someone else has another explanation. On further inspection the flywheel dowel pin holes are oval (new replacement required), and so are the ones on the crankshaft such that I could remove the pins by hand. See picture.
What should I do now? The options appear to be:
1. Get my local garage to drill out the holes and fit larger pins, but to my eyes the holes are too badly damaged for that possible.
2. Buy the Just Kampers flywheel dowel jig tool to convert the crankshaft to 8 pin holes (do you still need to remove the crankshaft to use this tool)
3. Replace the crankshaft.
4. Do something else I have not thought of.

Your advice would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in anticipation


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The engine will need to be disassembled for the crankshaft to be drilled.
I'd replace the crankshaft personally.
Thanks Sparkywig. I’ve since been in contact with Air Cooled Engines in Alloa and they recommend replacing the crankshaft as well.
Yeah I was thinkin that if all that weigh (flywhell) thas been banging around at the end of the crankshadft it might well have put it out of whack as well as ovalling teh holes.
Happened me with a Porsche 356 engine!
Now that was a stratospheric lesson in cost 🥵

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