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Vehicle For Sale Very rare Oslo edition SO69-01 1969 Early Baywindow £12K Ono

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Nov 11, 2009
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For sale £12k Quick sale Needed
Very rare 1969 Oslo edition SO69-01 Early Baywindow

2165 flat Four Turnkey engine built 2018 prior to my trip around Northern Spain and the Pyrenees estimated since build it has covered about 5000 miles .
Original AB Magnesium Case that has been altered for Full Flow Oil system with additional work to the Oil galleries, opening them out increase flow bearings etc. Gene Berg High flow oil Pump ,and gene Berg Deep sump with a Magnetic pickup .
New 94 mm A1 Pistons with Scat Conrad’s and Teflon Gudgon pins all Balanced to within 1 g of each other. New Scat 78mm Crankshaft fitted to a new Flywheel and Dynamically Balanced with Clutch plate . new Main and Cam Bearings. Petronix Flamethrower 2 Ignition and custom made Leads . Heads have been skimmed and over bored and new valve stems and Valves fitted . High lift Rockers and rods with Scat sprung Tubes All new tinware . New Weber 40mm TwinCarbs (not the ones shown in the Image) fed through pressure regulator filter and electric pump .Vintage Speed Big Bore 42mm Stainless Exhaust and J tubes . Oil breather box venting Case and Stainless Rocker covers Braided Oil lines
serpentine Pulley set up

Full nut and bolt restoration in 2010-2013
Chassis was taken back to bare metal and treated with an anti corrosion treatment and epoxy primed ,then several coats of industrial Grade paint used for Bridges and other highly exposed structures.finally coated with a few layers of untershultz
massive amount of work done on this van .
Lower 6” all round was cut out and A,B,C Lower pillars replaced, front end up to window was replaced , sills inner and outer, all outriggers , Chassis rails and floor sections cut out and replaced where needed, cab floor section too.
Wheel arches replaced completely inner and outer , Side door runners and rails replaced ,lower Door sections . Window frames side ,rear and windscreen lower sections replaced.
Upgraded the running gear to 1302S Gear box for the High ratio final drive . Late bay swing arms and hubs fitted to match wheel PCD as front drop arms and hubs were fitted to allow late bay brake disc’s to be fitted and accept Narrow 5 Porsche style BRM alloy wheels
Narrowed and lowered front beam and fitted with Spac’s adjustable shocks ,new wiring loom was fitted and leisure battery charger unit .

Interior is Original Westfalia SO69-01 in very good condition consisting of a combined sink and cooker station above storage cupboards behind the bulkhead as it is not a walkthrough. Side tall cupboard next to that behind the drivers seat , spice rack and drop down table opens out in the sliding side door area, buddy seat and full width rock and roll bed . All panels have had covered with soundproofing sheets along with the floor sections cab and cargo and side panels have been voids have been insulated with Sheep’s wool insulation panels. This still has the original Birch ply roof that is in great condition for its age only showing warping above the cab area . This was the only area that I left and didn’t take out as I was concerned about it going back in without damaging it due to being un-replaceable

Interior was sprayed Champagne Gold ,the same base coat for the exterior.
Exterior was back to bare metal and anti corrosion treated then a light skim was applied to the panels and Flattend and blocked back to give as best as possibly a flat surface , but no more than a few mm and certainly not as I’ve seen over the years several inches deep filler to hide damage or badly fitted panels. Several coats of high build primed and blocked back again for Flatness. Base coat was applied in a Champagne Gold and then the topcoat was Apple Candy Red . Roof section and Pop top was subjected to the same treatment and spayed Black. Top coated with several layers of clear coat .Final process for me was to block back the topcoat to remove in perfections in the final surface (orange peel effect) ,hand sanded from P2000 down to P5000

At the time it was completed the finish was stunning and I’ve had many years and a lot of use , Travelling to nearly all of the VW Shows and I’ve been on countless weekend trips and journeys around Uk. It’s been on the display section for VW’s in Carfest several times and I’ve been to France 3 years in a row , with the last trip covering the Pyrenees From St Sebastian to Andorra and back.

It’s has had a number of engines in its life but currently has the 2165 as described above

Hope this is as much information you need.

It is in need of some minor work to the body work due to the Dreaded rust worm, but the structure and chassis is solid .
Red is the worst paint under the sun and has faded over the years so I would saw that it has a Patina image rather than a Concours .

I’m very sad to see it go but I’ve not used it in a few years and have finally made the decision to allow someone else the enjoyment

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