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Mar 22, 2019
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My wife managed to snap the handle on my sliding door after finally getting the camper back on the road after 4 years and 2 children.
I wish to keep the same key/barrel and wanted to know if o order a new handle would I be able to change the barrel over to do this?
I know custom and commercial could set up a new handle to work off my existing key, but they have a 4 week wait for parts and I wanted to replace it asap.


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I'm pretty sure you can.
There may be a grub screw in the handle retaining it. Put the key in and try different positions until it slides out. It will have really small brass plates inside. I can't recall if they may fall out or not!
If you are careful its dooable.
Google might come up with instructions or video, worth a look.
Keep the key in the barrel and I don’t think the pins will fall out.
Put masking tape around the barrel while you faff with the handle

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