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Jul 31, 2021
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This is my first post. :D

I'm desperately attempting to replace a spring on my sliding door that I picked up on Ebay (1972 Bay) the old spring is broken so the levers don't unlock so when you shut the door you have to move them manually, by then you have no momentum so I have to use my body against the door to shut it, not a great look!

Anyway, does anyone know if it is easy to replace this spring. You can buy the locating ping and levers from Just Kampers so that would suggest you can replace the spring, however, now I've removed the door, mechanism and cleaned it all up, I cannot see for the life of me how you put the new spring in. does anyone have an insight into this?? I would REALLY appreciate it!

We are going camping in a week and I'm not a pro camper fixer, so need a little guidance.

Thanks all!


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