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:shock: 50000 views, blimey! hope its interesting for you lovelies 8) :party0046:
Marriedblonde said:
easy said:
:shock: 50000 views, blimey! hope its interesting for you lovelies 8) :party0046:

You have provided a lot of inspiration for my bus :)

Thanks dooder! glad to be of help 8) , its so nice to have tons of people all sourcing info from everyones pools of ideas and knowledge so that you can realise what you actually want or in my case confuse the shit out of myself! lol :lol:
Finally spending a few days on the bus this weekend and next. :mrgreen: new flooring going in and some new wood going in, to fit new speakers and get rid of amps and all the now not needed stuff so that i can actually get back some space for storage! 8)
aogrady said:

Nice to see a update - look forward to seeing pictures - you know the rules EZ ;-)



:lol: will do dood, do not fear! :mrgreen:
easy said:
Update 8)

Van is having the underside steamed off and cleaned. Any welding found is going to be sorted and as you can see she is solid as you like! only one bit of welding about the size of a 10p :D

Then the old girl is being re shwartzed and it good to go 8)

She flies!

Serious suspension raise :shock: 8)

Solid underneath anyone! remmeber this is before any sorting :D 8)

Hopefully gonna get the new pulleys and dizzy cap on by friday aswell, then its a timing check and she is ready to rock.

Nice bus, nice to see you have full belly pans which brings me to my question if you have waxoyl'd behind them and if you have how? :?:
Hello mate, thats an old pic as i have had them off since that pic. They are welded on and have been fully treated before putting them back on with wax oil and then rewelded on. 8) Perfic
Made a good start on the bus, took about 2 to 3 hours just to chase through and remove the 2 sets of amp wire (control lead etc) also removed the power leads from the leisure battery that i had there to the amp. So have at least lost 2 carrier bags in weight of leads!.

Out with the old carpet.

Carpet done and floor scrapped and cleaned up

Then start the speakers removal and wiring.

Then onto the flooring ball ache and fitment.

Then cutting the new bed box front to shape as i have new speakers going in and trial fitment.

Where i got to in the end. :mrgreen:

Another day on it this saturday and i will be done! I love it and it sets the bus of nicely i think. 8)
Another day on teh dough ball this weekend and all finished :mrgreen: very happy with the results.

First job was wood out and holes cut for the new speakers and mounting screws. Measure and drill measure and drill .......

All done then on to some nice dark oak stain and wax (black bison)

All looking good, just a hour to dry and then a final buff to seal and it looks pretty spot on

Then the new speakers get mounted and the fit is perfect :mrgreen:

Then mounted a nice trim on the top so that the rock n roll bed would not crush the wood with its supports

Then back in the bus and fitted, perfect! used and made a nice feature out of the stainless screws and cups to mount it. (ive changed all teh screws on the bus to stainless as ive done work)

and...............were done! everything back in and fitted including the table leg mount in the floor and adapted buddy seat and i love it!

Love it! and all ready for the new camping and cruising year! 8) hope you like :D
Cheers doods! i think it looks much cleaner and a cooler sort of cool 8) and is much more practical! more space, less weight and wipe clean :lol: 8) :shock: ;)

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