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VW T2 1972 Crossover Devon Campervan

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Aug 6, 2015
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It is with great regret that we are having to sell our T2 VW "TigerLilly" 1972 crossover RHD Devon.

New job and relocation forces sale. There are more photos if required.

"TigerLilly" has been kept in dry storage and the underneath has been extremely well looked after and shows the love and care which has gone into this bus, there is no welding or filler anywhere on this bus. All of the underneath has been sprayed and coated to preserve the very good condition. The engine has also just been rebuilt (100 miles ago) as we originally had no intention of selling, this standard of engine can be bought from Vw heritage for £3,000. It is still under a 6 month guarantee and comes with many photos documenting the rebuild and relevant paperwork.
It is now running a twin carb system with larger bores and flat piston heads which is still under a 6 month warranty with the builder and easily cruises up hills around the Gower peninsular and sounds amazing!

Having recently had a full engine rebuild, new roof, floor layed, insulated and tiled, respray 3yrs ago,brand new volkswares rock n roll bed fitted, custom cushion upholstered, cabinets reconditioned, electrics, Cv joints, break overhaul, a full service and MOT(next due 08/2017) just to name a few this bus is ready for its next adventure!

Bad points; Internal roof lining requires cosmetic work, there is a small area of rust below rear tail light where battery leaked, a new tray has now been fitted and this was the next job on the list, which we have been told is a minor job and not expensive. Nothing that effects the running or mechanical works of this bus!

Any inspection before auction ends is very welcome as photos really don't do our girl justice!

Sensible offers considered for this sought after, rare, model that is great condition priced to sell.

Engine rebuilt spec sheet:

The crank cases have been align bored to 1mm and end thrust cut to 1mm. They were fully blue printed, faces machined, relief valve ports bored and oil ways and internals pressure cleaned.

A good within spec crank shaft and reground cam shaft were provided.
Con rods were sized and assembled to crank with new big end shells.
Crank case was assembled with new over size main bearings, new cam shaft bearings and new Febi Bilstien cam followers.
Fly wheel cleaned, blasted and checked, assembled, shimmed to 5 thou with new silicone seal and O ring.
Cylinder studs cleaned and profiled, fitted to the case with recoil inserts.
Good 1600 barrels and new rings provided and honed.
Cylinder heads reconditioned, machined to get perfect facing and correct compression ratio.
New valve guides, exhaust valves, all valve seats cut to 45 deg.
Top end assembled, valve geometry checked and shimmed.
Tinwork chemically cleaned, blasted and repaired.
Painted with etch primer and black.
Alternator cleaned, pulley and fan repaired.
Webber ICT carbs stripped, sonically cleaned and rebuilt.
Provide special 11mm AF brass carb manifold mounting nuts.
Clutch cleaned, checked, centralised and reassembled.
New fuel pump, rod and gaskets fitted.
Gates fuel hose, clips, vac hose and cupro nickel pipe fitted.
New Bosch plugs.
Titan 20/50 oil, 3 ltrs.
Full gasket set.
Fresh air hose.
Alternator belt.
Fasteners, screws, nuts and bolts.

Engine bench run for 3 hours, undergoing compresson, leak down, fuel pressure, oil pressure and emissions test.
Adjustments made accordingly, especially to the valve clearances, 4 adjustments made to 6 thou.

Compressons – all to 148 psi
Fuel pressure – 3.5 psi
Oil pressure – 65 psi cold, 2500 rpm, 18 psi tickover hot
Timing set to 8 deg BTC vac off, 30 deg full advance
Alternator output – 12.9 volts.

Carb linkages reset and synchronised
Carbs balanced on vacuum gauge – both 10/10

Emissions – 1.5 CO, 680 HC

Bus is on the road with a full MOT(Aug2017) she runs exceptionally well!
Collection from Skewen, Swansea, or I can deliver her anywhere in South Wales.

Contact: 07734977657.

Quick sale or part ex required. Open to offers. Has to go fast as I'm starting a new job.

£10,000 ono


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Aug 6, 2015
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May be attending busfest unless sale agreed prior.

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