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Sold Westy interior

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Nov 21, 2022
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Just got a van and have some nice plans for the interior. Mostly to make it comfy and safe for the kids so I need a full width seat at the rear for proper seatbelts. Therefore my westy interior is for sale.
Just what you see in the photos, rock and roll bed, cabinet and overhead storage. I don't have anything else. Cushions included, they need a good clean but the foam is good... The seat ones may well have the mustard covers underneath, they're not ripped anywhere for me to check.
It's not mint but very useable, if you can replace the edge trims it'll look really nice I reckon. It's been dry stored so nice and solid and straight. Some of the handles are a little stiff but work. Rock and roll bed works spot on. I've tried to sure the right parts on the pictures, zoom in and have a look around.PXL_20230305_142147650.jpg
Price...£600 for the lot, can't see anything compatible to compare it to at the minute but I think that's fair and have had a bit of interest in Facebook so far.
It's still in the van at the moment but I'll be removing it soon.
For those that cba to read the above... £610 😉
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