Where could I get one of these from?

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I'm ₳ tool, ₳ complete tool. One of these came with the bus as spares and I was looking at it thinking this is too long. The one on my bus is just missing the metal bit, it has the hole and looks to be in good shape. With the bracket on, it's too long but then I noticed that the top basket is on upside down. Sometimes having ₳ clear understanding on how something works can go ₳ long way! I'll follow up with pics

If the metal strap-bridge were fitted the other way up, the elevating-roof bed-base might not sit down properly on its supports!?!
I find chandleries are a great place to look when you're after clips, toggles or obscure fixtures and fittings. I'm not from a boating backround and I could tell you what half the items are intended for, but the deck hardware is generally good quality (often stainless stee)l, reasonably priced and easily repurposed for this sort of thing.

I bought a few of these a while back with a similar intention to secure down the pop top;


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