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WITHDRAWN - 1970 Westy for sale

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Jun 19, 2012
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After 10 years of having a great time at shows and camping, we are looking to sell our camper. The kids have got too big! She is LHD and had been imported from Ramona in San Diego County, California. Since I've owned her she has been maintained with no expense spared. We have upgraded or replaced many parts over the years. No decent patina to save so the camper's bodywork was repainted in 2018, where all the small dents and scratches and rust were sorted. It's had a new rear corner and battery tray, new front valance, new front arches, and a new driver's door. New wiring loom. The reconditioned engine from The VW Engine Company was installed in 2018. I've just recently put x3 new tires on and a new battery. Upgraded to disc brakes.

£24,950 Or open to offers

Full list below:
  • VW Engine company reconditioned 1600 twin port fitted in 2018
  • New wiring loom
  • Replaced Fuel Sender
  • New Battery
  • Four seat belts
  • Refurbished interior seat coverings by Concept pop tops
  • Original front seats
  • Double bed in pop-top
  • Leisure battery with split charge system
  • Mad matz sisal floor covering
  • Wolfsburg steering wheel
  • Curtain rail and curtains
  • Propex gas heater
  • New rubbers and seals
  • Rear window jail bars
  • Refurbished wiper motor and electric window washer system.
  • Respray in original Pearl White in 2018
  • Waxoyl Rust proofed underbody
  • Front spotlight
  • New Rear light units
  • X3 new tyres
  • Tow bar
  • Disc brakes
Restoration thread for lots of pics:

Previous owner's restoration thread:




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Hi, is this still available?
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