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    Brake pipe loose

    False alarm. A garage had left a brake bleeding kit behind!
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    Brake pipe loose

    Heading off on a trip tomorrow so washing the van and found a loose brake pipe hose still attached to the wheel, but where does the other bit go? Neighbours kids have been messing about with the van as I found a monkey nut carefully placed up inside. With one cable loose, how safe is this to...
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    Dirty Harry's westy

    There you go: How did you attach the USB car charger to the inside of the sink unit pipe? Many of your images are no longer available which is a shame!
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    FS Alistair's 1970 Westy SO70 Campmobile - San Lorenzo, Cali

    Hi, I'm planning to update the interior of my own sink unit and was wondering how easy is it to remove the Westy plastic fridge interior from its wooden panels? Is the wood likely to rip? I read that you were a fridge engineer! Odd question, if I picked up a very cheap Waeco cr50 to slide in...
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    Replacing Mirror

    Hi, My little chrome retainer nut cracked when I was trying to fix a loose mirror. I've found a new nut and the little white gasket. My question is, when I unscrew the mirror arms to attach the new nut, what happens next? Is anything on the inside going to fall and get lost in the door card? Or...
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    Dirty Harry's westy

    Looks perfect, we had to cancel our trip last weekend when I had a bad reaction to a local anaesthetic. Is that the sun canopy rubber from NLAVW? With the canvas sewn with an industrial sewing machine?
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    Anti roll bars

    I have Hankook 185 R14C tyres on at the moment, but put an extra 10psi in each tyre, it doesn't bulge so much now, but we've only had 50mph gusts or zero wind here recently. So can't tell just yet. I plan to change the tyres to summer 195s and upgrade the quality. I had spoken to a T25 guy at a...
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    Anti roll bars

    I was looking at a way to prevent motorway swerving in high winds and passing vehicles. Originally, I was thinking that Koni shocks would help, but I feel that maybe my money would be better spent on an anti roll bar instead? Shocks are more for up and down movement, rather than sideways is my...
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    Stainless steel hub caps

    Ahh the A14...the VW hubcap junkyard. If you drive up towards Newmarket direction. There's a potholey bit of road where you while find my lost stainless steeled VW logo hub cap lying on the side of the road. Help yourself. :D It cost me a fair hundred quid to buy a new set of Wolfsburg West...
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    Laurie Pettit Engine

    I'm about to replace my Laurie Petit 1776 engine and go back to 1600 stock. Pulls well and will throw in the twin carbs. Offers would need to be quick though!
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    Awnings and roof-racks

    Do these fit, or do split screens have a different shaped gutter?
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    Solex Restoration

    Machine 7 are an 8-12 week wait. I reckon all of these are built to order, hence the wait. I had read on Rob and Dave's VW pages that the 34/3 is very difficult to rebuild and shouldn't really be done. So wanted to use someone who had great feedback on their builds.
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    Solex Restoration

    I am looking for someone to do a top quality restoration on a Solex 34 PICT 3 in the UK? I was going to order from Volksbitz in the USA, but I'm keen to get my hands on one within a month so that I can get this new engine in. Any specialists?
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    1970 San Francisco westfalia resto

    Where exactly is that little spot? I love a beach stop off.
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    Topping-up oil

    Is this your wee bottle for during the night? :D