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1968 Early Bay Project - £3k (West Mids)

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Mar 31, 2011
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It is with a very heavy heart that the time has come to accept that I simply don't have the time or money to progress with my Bay. I've owned her sine 2005, have had some superb times in it but daily driving on a tight budget has taken its toll. I daily drove from 2005 to around 2009. I ended up storing her in 2010 and I've not driven her since.

I'll do my best to describe what I know, but let me be clear: This is a project, I'm not a mechanic and you absolutely must come and see, and make your own judgements. It needs work, and more than I can detail here to get her to show winner quality!

Firstly, the obvious stuff - here are some pics taken yesterday:

Along with a collection of parts which will all be included.

The obvious terrible bits are all in the pictures. She needs 2 front wheel arches and probably the bottom part of the B-post, at least. One of the rear quarters requires some TLC (Though I don't think a new one is required) and she really could do with some paint. The roof has been scratched and the outer layer of paint has flaked off in a couple of small places, but it's not rusty.

Additionally, I've lost the ignition (which is also the front doors / rear hatch) key. The ignition needs replacing anyway, so the other locks can be coded to suit.

I'm not going to comment on the chassis as, in truth, I really don't know. I'll be surprised if she's 100% solid but I never had any major issues.

Beyond that, it needs a lot of tidying up and sorting out internally but like anything, it depends how far you want to go. I have the interior (and the handle that's broken in the picture) with the Rock and Roll bed, with the exception of the flooring, rear parcel shelf (For want of a better word), something to cover the Eberspacher and the panels / door cards / etc. Headlining is crap at the back where there was once a cupboard.

On the plus side, the doors are all serviceable, the gutters are spot on and for the most part things are solid. Front panel needs some (a lot?) of TLC, but she's workable and isn't rotting away. Most of the offside (B post onwards) was new a few years back.

The Eberspacher worked fine until somebody disconnected the wiring without taking note of where it went. It's still plumbed in, but you'll need a manual.

The engine is a 1776, with twin 40 IDFs and an external oil cooler and filter. Has never let me down, but I have no idea how many miles she's done and it hasn't been started in 12 months or so. I'm sure a service would be enough, but I'd personally be rebuilding if it was my project.

I have 2x new rear drums (1968 drums - took me ages to find!) to go on, and I've already changed the rear shoes and one of the slave cylinders which was leaking.

The silencer has been removed, and the 4 into 1 needs to come off too. I've got a new 4 into 1 and an Empi silencer along with J-Tubes to replace the heat exchangers. I've not looked at them, to be honest, but they were never great and I just used the petrol heater.

Beyond that, I have all kinds of stuff which will go with the van:

The front bumper
The front door handles / locks
The wheel carrier (Do yourself a favour and don't put it on - look what it's done!)
The spare wheel (Tyre needs replacing)
A spare steel wheel (No tyre)
Driveaway awning
Sidestep (never fitted, may be missing the bolts)
Jailbar kit
2x new numberplates
Electric washer reservoir + pump
Front brake shoes
Front brake fitting kit (I think...)
2x new rear shocks
New stainless shock bolts (For all 4)
The driveshafts (Cleaned up and ready for refit)
4x CV joints (2x Empi, 2x GKN annoyingly) + bolts + boots + grease
A couple of oil change kits
2x Red rear light lenses
2x rear light clusters
LED stop light replacements
A couple of spare instrument clusters
+Anything else I find in the meantime.

(If it's sunny and you're lucky, some of this stuff may even be fitted!)

I think it goes without saying she she will need to be transported away.

I'm looking for £3000, and while I'm not desperate to sell I'm open to face to face discussions. I'm in Wolverhampton, and weekends are by far the best time for me. That said, I can be around any evening this coming week.

PM me with any questions and, do note, I will not sell to anyone who does not come and look. Can't see it being an issue on Early Bay, but I find it keeps things simple!
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