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1968 Nice honest camper

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Aug 11, 2013
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For sale here is a lovely 1968 Tin Top, 'low light' camper van. Tintop basically means you can get it in a garage! Good condition and a great honest camper, well loved and care for- I'm selling it to buy a yacht! It has an assessed insurance value of £15500 with a certificate. Lowered 4 inches and turns heads where ever she goes. She is 46 years old so don't expect a perfect vehicle at this price. She is a great usable van and you can get in and go. Comes with an awning as well.

Body had was restored about 6 years ago by the previous owner who had it resprayed in the blue/ white you see here and the work was done by Dubmonkeys (now called Harewood Classics http://www.harewoodclassics.co.uk" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;) in Tavistock. There are receipts from Dubmonkeys for around £10K for the work and it had numerous new panels as part of the work. Also had new rust free doors, sliding door etc at the time. Boot and engine lid both rust free as well. The paint work is good but there are a few stone chips and small scratches, there are also some small rust spots starting to come through in usual places but nothing bad- really! This is to be expected. There are also a few small patches welded on the floor, again nothing major so not to be worried about- these have been there for years. Chassis is solid and not rotten and has been looked after. New hand brake, last owner renewed all the braking system (drums all round). She is also lowered by 4 inches.

Interior is in good original condition and consists of 3/4 bed, buddy seat, original cooker (which is brilliant!!), and set of draws below the bed. I have recently redone all the door/ body cards in white vinyl. Dashboard is a little patchy with stickers etc on it, front seats are not original but are comfy high back seats ideal for long journeys.

Strong 1600 twin port unit, top end rebuild last year consisting of new heads (with valves), cylinders, pistons, 009 dizzy, leads, coil, pulley wheel, new clutch, new pushrod tubes and seals, new crankcase seal, oil temp gauge fitted and oil temp dipstick fitted as well- at a cost of £1000. Gear box had oil changed at same time. No oil leaks from the engine which is a miracle on these! Has had heat exchangers removed for J Pipes (exchangers will be included if you want to change back), Empi Quiet Pack Exhaust, Fan housing changed for non- vented=better cooling)- I don't use the heating as it only goes out in the summer, so decommissioned it- but all parts come with it to change back if you want to, easy job.

Good Bits
She's a '68!
Piles of receipts for work over the years- literally £1000s spent, whole folder of bills and history.
kept garaged for years
solid chassis
nice original parts
Tax free
insurance costs me £80 per year
engine is spot on and starts first time every time after rebuild- very sweet engine which will last for years.
Oil temp is spot on (gauge to keep an eye on it!)
Rebuilt engine
Quality paint job by Dubmonkeys
New headlining
Curtains all round

Bad bits
A few little dings and scratches etc on body- nothing bad but not concourse
Front beam had small amount of welding for MOT- no big deal, but I have a spare lowered beam with adjusters which can be included if the price is right.
Odd patch here and there but nothing major- bodywork is fine as is the chassis as far as you can see
Hub Caps a bit rusty (chrome has worn off)

I don't want to sell her really and I will be gutted to see her go, only had her a year (previous owner had her for about 15) but I have bought a yacht and can't have everything- I just don't use her enough.


Pics on eBay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=141286635234" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;