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steve towers

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Apr 28, 2023
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Had my 1968 bus over a year now, and slowly changing a few things here and there. The one job it really needed was some good brakes so after a lot of research i opted for one of David Slacks late bay kits, and looking at the beam I decided to do a beam swap too. I didn't want to take the bus off the road until winter struck as it gets used as much as possible. The next issue was where to do the work as it will not fit in my garage, the doors too low, a job for the summer, but luckily I have a good mate who offered one of his garages.
So lets get started... got a few hours in over the weekend and removed the old beam, going to give the arches a good deep clean and protect with something.
This is all new to me, I normally restore Lambrettas ,so trying to learn as much from others as much as possible.
My plan was to sell on the lowered spindles and drums if anyone wants them and refurbish the control arms, but been advised i cannot re-use them as they are modified to fit the spindles.. ah well something else to add to the shopping list.

thank you to anyone who has given me advise so far, I am sure there will be more questions!


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