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1976 Late Bay Crew Cab SOLD

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Aug 13, 2012
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County Durham
Lucky for me I have two VW bay window Crew cabs. As I’ve decided to keep my Early Bay Crewie, this one must sadly go.

This Crew Cab was imported into the UK from South Africa in 2016. The bus now has 12 months MOT with no advisories.

The date of first registration is 01/01/1976
The date of first registration in the UK is 01/12/2016

This bus really has no signs of rot or rust and really is in solid and sound condition. There are a few areas starting to bubble so will need a little bit of attention in the near future. Yes, it looks like a few of the dents and the like from use as a commercial vehicle have been filled and painted but the metalwork is in good condition. The chassis, outriggers and sills are all clean and rust free. The exterior has been painted in places and to be honest the colour match is not the best. However, I had started to rub some of this back to the original paint, so with a bit of time and patience there is no reason why the rest of the bus can't be done in the same way. Or simply repaint the mis-matched panels with the right colour? The remaining OG panels have lovely patina!

The rear drop gates are in average condition. The previous owners had lined the gates and rear load bed with ply, which in my opinion, could do with being removed.

Under the bus most of the mechanicals had been rebuilt and renewed by the previous owner just prior to it coming to the UK and this included a new petrol tank. For the MOT, I’ve rebuilt the brakes including new rear drums and shoes.

The bus has recently been lowered using Transporterhaus 3.5" dropped spindles with adjustable spring plates on the rear. Now running on steelies with slam tyres up front and stock on rear.

1800 Type 4 engine with single progressive carb and no oil leaks so thats drip free driveway. Gearbox seems good as all gears select well and no popping out of gears.

The only other things we can find wrong is the heater system pipe work from the engine is missing which is very common on South African imports, however both heat exchangers are fitted. One of the rear opening quarter lights has rusted through the frame / catch area. The starter motor is noisy when starting the engine.

All the interior is intact and has had new door panels fitted. The front and rear seats have been recovered in matching material at some point and are in good condition.

Available for viewings anytime. I'm based in County Durham just off the A1 and I can even pick you up / drop you off at the train station for viewings. Buyer to arrange collection

Reduced to £9,500. I have an agreed valuation with HIC at £10k before it was lowered

Would consider a part ex upto £2500.

Bug, beach buggy, volksrod, etc or maybe a bobber style bike (but don’t tell the wife)
Lee C said:
Is it the lad from early vw on Facebook??

I’ve not sold this one before, it was the other one :lol:

No, someone through car and commercial.

Looks like I get to keep the Early Bay :D
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