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2027cc type 1 Bus engine + Matched GearBox 091

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Oct 11, 2009
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Really nice high torque motor, effortless driving.

2027cc Type 1 - Built for torque relaxed easy driving
Autolinea high roof universal case
Full flowed
Mahle Barrels and pistons (the good ones)
web 86 cam
1.25:1 rockers
Manton Push rods
blueprinted oil pump
CB rotary pump
compression 8.1:1
Fuel injection shroud
36 Dellorto DRLA with 32 vents - reconditioned by alfa1750 in italy
CB Manifolds 40mm to maintain intake velocity
Mocal 19 row cooler with auto fan.
Mocal Oil Thermostat
Vintage Speed Exhaust.
CB heads
8 Dowel flywheel with Kennedy Stage 1/Kush loc clutch
Bosch SVDA distributor
CB centre pull linkage.

Will be turnkey with all pipework for cooler and external oil filter.
done 8k miles since new always used high zinc 10w40 oil

Supplied and balanced By Stateside tuning

Currently in the van so can come visit and I'll take you for a drive in it.

if you would prefer just a long block we can discuss. I'll happily keep the nearly new carbs exhaust and ancillaries etc.
Matching gearbox.

091 t25 6rib box converted to late bay spec with 002 bus bell housing nose selector etc .

fully rebuilt new seals bearings the lot with stock 1st 2nd and 3rd and tall 4th for cruising 3200rpm @69MPH

will do a deal on both. priority given to those wanting both, will sell box only once the engine has gone.

located nr crawley
Selling my Panel van with camper interior that its in right now

But I have very interested party in the van but wants a stock 1600 and box so going to return the van to stock-ish and therefore sell the engine/box separately if i can.
sent you one back ill get vids and pics over to you
Sold stc. Thanks

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