Dub Odyssey 15-17th July 2022. South Yorkshire

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Sep 12, 2012
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Why should you come?
It's a great VW show with entertainment, for less than a 'normal' weekends camping would cost you!

It's great fun & loads of friendly people attend.

Only £30 plus booking fee, for adult weekend camping advance tickets!

Where is it held?
Hooton Lodge Farm, Rotherham S65 4TE - It's a great venue.

Easy to get to from the M1, M18 & A1.

What can you expect ?
Outdoor Live Bands
Show & Shine
*Free Autojumble 'car' boot sale- details below*
Trade Stands
Kids Rides
Food Court
Huge Marquee with Bar
Evening Entertainment: Bands & DJ’s
Themed Fancy Dress
and so much more……

Dub Odyssey is run by members of Sheffield Volkswagen Owners Club.
We aren't in it for profit - we do it because we love Vdubs.
We aim to cover our costs & improve future shows.
If we make a surplus it's donated to charity - chosen by members of the club.

It's the North's longest running Vdub Show & its run by volunteers.
Please join us for a weekend of Camping, Dubs, Music & Entertainment.

Hope to see you there.

Tickets are now on sale at

More info

*How the Autojumble 'car' boot sale will work*

Got old parts that you want to sell?

Don't want to give up your entire show weekend stood on a stall?

Simply bring your parts to Dub Odyssey & join our Free Autojumble 'car' boot.
Sunday from 10am - Park up next to the trade stall area.

Sell your bits from your vehicle or lay them out on a tarp.

If you can't always be next to your 'car' boot: display your phone number/ask your neighbour to watch your stuff (at your own risk).

We've only done this a couple of times, it could go pear shaped, but it should be fun!

You never know what rare old bits people will find in their sheds & garages.

*The free Autojumble 'car' boot sale is for individuals to sell their spare parts.
If you are a parts trader, have loads and loads of bits or want to sell all weekend then please book a trade stand.
[email protected]

smaller 2022 DubOdyssey-Landscape.png
A video of a handful of SVWOC members messing about at an empty Hooton Lodge.....

Imagine what it will be like 15 - 17th July 2022 when the site will be full of beautiful Vdubs & friendly people


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