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Sep 3, 2011
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The front bush for the gear shift rod is very important for good gear selection. The ones available from the usual suppliers are pretty poor. However a company in the USA have made some high quality bushes from a plastic called Delrin. This is an engineering plastic.

Link to company product page

The price is £33 each, postage is £24 so to buy one, is a bit expensive to say the least. I have messaged the company and they can send ten bushes in one package for the same amount. This reduces the cost considerably.

I would have them delivered to me, and then post them out to individuals who had asked for one. Obviously there would be a small additional cost for the postage in the UK.

If you are interested please add to the thread. When I know how many people want one I will ask for the payment before ordering them.

Mike202 1
Mike, count me in too please. My shift is great but it’s well over fifty years old and won’t last forever. More than happy to cough up prior or whatever works for you .

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,lurrrvvvvv group buys. :)
Is this for use with standard gear stick only?
I’ve got a BugTeck Bus shifter, which is excellent, but if this will enhance things further then I’ll have one please!

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