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Sep 3, 2011
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A company in the USA called Aircooled vintage works makes a nice front bush for the gear shift rod. I saw this on instagram but unfortunately the shipping is £24 in addition to the cost of £33, which is quite a lot altogether! I think they are also on YouTube.

Has anyone else seen these?
The white aftermarket ones are pretty poor… way too much slack on the guide pin. But 33 quid for a plastic bush 😳

I’ve always wondered if there was any off-the-shelf options for a bronze bush to be pressed in?
Also guys it maybe worth considering the later upgrade of a center bush on the main long shaft. Made a massive difference to mine however you do need the engine out to remove the shaft. Alittle easy measurement and drill a small location hole and away you go! Reinstall. Happy days
I bet mine could use on of these too, my gearshift is going to need going through during this year. These look miles better than the pictures I’ve seen of those white ones.
If I had a sample of one of these Delrin ones i bet i could run it past my employers who have just bought cnc lathe & mill, and get a realistic UK cost.
I found the white Bush to be sloppy even when new .

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