Indicator problems on a 1971 T2 Dormobile bay window

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Jun 28, 2020
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T2 Dormobile 1600
just taken my 1971 T2 Dormobile out of winter storage and found my indicators are not working properly. When I use select either right or left turn I just get a very quick clicking from the relay and the lights flash very quickly. When I pull out the hazard warning knob all 4 indicator lights illuminate and flash correctly and at the right speed. All four indicator bulbs are therefore OK and the hazards flash at the right speed. Is there a separate relay for the hazards and one for the indicators?
With all 4 indicator bulbs lighting correctly when hazard knob is used does this rule out a bad earth?
Any ideas as to what might be wrong?
Any help would be greatly received. Need to get this fixed ASAP as due to take grandkids on holiday soon!
There are separate relays for indicators and hazards. Could just be the indicator relay contacts sticking, or even the relay ground not connected.
Sparkywig, thanks for this. Managed to get the fuse panel out and located the relay for the indicators. I bought and fitted a new relay and all working great now. Cheers

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