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Vehicle For Sale LHD Westy

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Jan 13, 2015
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Owned this stunner since 2015 but due to paying for a wedding, a new child and the plain fact of not using him anymore it's time to let go!

1st registered Oct 1970 and 1st registered in UK Oct 2010 and I've owned it since May 2015 and it only had 2 previous owners prior.

1641 engine that hasn't really let me down to be fair (yet) and it's a max speed of 55mph sort of ride.

Disc brakes up front and lowered by South West Customs when imported from the US in I think 2008-ish

Extensive bare metal resto carried out by Irvs in 2019 with some follow up remedial work in 2022 and I have receipts and lots of pics.

Nearly original interior which isn't complete but in decent order, rock & roll bed with a continental bed fitted up top.

Waeco fridge, EHU and Propex heater with gas bottle as well as a Just Kampers 3 ply vehicle cover and a box of spares.

It has been regularly serviced, MOT'D and looked after by some of the best VW people on the scene, I wanted to keep it as good as I could so lots spent I know there are quite a few 'cowboys' out there.

Milage is as shown on the picture but I'm in no doubt it's been around thd clock!

I have no idea of what the suspension set up is as I'm no mechanic but it has just had Bilstein Shocks fitted to the front.

It's currently in for it's MOT and a bit of fettling so should be available for viewings next week, it spends its time stored in a climate controlled secure prestige vehicle lockup in North Yorkshire which is 30 miles from where I live so viewings would have to be by appointment only and 100% guaranteed that you will show up.

He isn't perfect but that is reflected in the price because if he was I'd be asking 30k plus! The wheels have some salt and brake dust pitting and the interior is tired but as you'll see from the pics, it's a very good looking solid bus!

I'm not asking for the cash back that I've put into him as that would be stupid and not the way it's done but I'm not going to give him away either so if you are genuinely interested please drop me a line and I am a realist so open to a sensible conversation and I'm putting him up for 25k




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