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Vehicle For Sale VW Bay Deluxe lhd patina bus

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Bobby Jnr

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Jun 10, 2014
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Sadly for sale is my 1969 early bay.

The bus was imported from the states 6 years back and I have owned it for the past 4.

It’s a 1969 bus built on the 14th July. It still sports it’s original matching numbers running gear including the gearbox, front beam and brake set up which is rare as most have been modified over the years. It drives like a dream!

It’s been my daily drive , locally to work, and beloved weekend camper for this period and will be sad to see it go but needs must right now.

About the bus:

I traded my late westy against it as I fancied something with a bit more character and original paint.

When I got it it was an empty vessel but had just been recommissioned for life on the road here in the uk.

Since then I have been turning it into my perfect van.

I have sourced and fitted a westfalia interior which sleeps 3 , added Devon side window and sourced the correct Upholstery so the interior is a very usable but period feeling place to be.

Engine wise, a few months back I had a failure so upgraded to a turnkey lump I purchased, which sports twin Kadron carbs, a quiet pack exhaust and is upgraded to 1641cc. It pulls great in such a light bus and is fair on fuel consumption.

Another upgrade was to have a complete new wiring look installed, as the bus comes from a hot dry climate the wiring was much the same … so a new look was made and fitted by Aircooled Auto Elec.

The bus is a nice original vehicle , it has one key which fits all locks including the ignition!

The front panel needed some work so I enlisted Evil Bens to take care of the metal and had a whole new clip added and re blended to match, the workmanship is excellent.

There are a couple other areas on the bus where the metal is a bit thin which I have pictured for you.

The wheels are original as far as I’m aware and will come with a good set of used chrome hub caps . The tyres still have plenty of life left.

The only other fault I know of is the fuel gauge not reading. Apart from that it’s good to jump in and enjoy .

All in all it’s a very honest classic vehicle in solid shape with great character and camping capability .

Any viewings or inspection welcome .

Unfortunately not in the position to take a PX right now .
Located in Truro
Price £12500 on




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