OCTO - 2/3/24 Long Beach, California

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Nov 9, 2006
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OCTO stands for the Orange County Transporter Organization and they are known for a couple of things: (1.) An absolutely bitchin’ swap meet a few times a year, and (2.) Being a ‘67 and under Split Window group. :mad: However, there are always a few Early Bays for sale along with lots of parts for us. Below is a much loved example…

Here is something that you don’t see everyday. These were once, long ago, sold by Volkswagen de Mexico. I’m old enough to remember when they were new!

These bonnet hinges are stainless steel. These might be ideal for those living near the sea. US$75 from Rosswulf.
Being a VW event, this is a chance for harmless muppets to go Hippie in public.
Half past five in the morning here Static, and we’re getting ready to go to a VW parts meet a couple of hours away in Telford. It’s called Camper Mart , I’m sure we’ll buy something that we really really need and a few things that we don’t as well. I doubt very much if we’ll see anything like that from Volkswagen De Mexico and I’ve never seen one before. But I’m sure there’ll be something that I’ve not seen here as well.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,them hippies was a bit bright though :)

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