Oil filler / breather without drain tube

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Sep 15, 2013
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The breather from the fuel pump And the filler are connected with a t piece so the oil drains back to the sump that way. My breather pipes and filler are never Full of oil so I guess it must work lol.
It’s possible I’m just being overly cautious and because of the vacuum pulled here, the only thing that will build up to any extent would be condensation, and that will hopefully dissipate once the engine is hot.

But whatever the solution is, I think we’ve ascertained that my filler shouldn’t leak where it is leaking from, so it will be getting returned!

As a quick fix, I’ve had my existing billet filler breather off-take drilled and tapped for 3/4” BSP, so it now has a whopping 20mm nipple to connect onto, and should at least not restrict any breathing that the engine wants to do. If this works well in practise, I think I will just leave it be.

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