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Parts For Sale Parts clear out - edited and updated

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Westfalia roof struts. £50

Fuel filler neck. £20

Fuel caps. £5 each.

RHD clutch cable 214-721-335D. £10

RHD speedo cable 214-957-801H. £10

Glovebox liner and bracket. SOLD

Walkthrough heater knobs. SOLD

Heater totem knobs. £5, £7.50 for billet.

Ashtray. £20

Totems. £20 each

Steering box chassis bracket. £15

Fuel tank with sender, filler neck and vent tube. £130

RHD stock gear stick. £25 each.

Air filter bracket, removed to fit twin carbs. £20

Headlight switch top left of the photo with no knob part number 311341531A, is the dimmer coil intact?

Is the CSP shifter still available ? Also the clock blank and glass for the dash please.

Would it be ok to post these.
May I buy 3 interior grab handles please. Would need them posting though if you can

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