Random power loss (Battery related)

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Aug 25, 2010
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Hi folks, I have a problem with my van where it will randomly not start. No power, nothing. I have to disconnect battery and then reconnect it, and it will fire up lovely. I've checked the battery, it's had a good charge and is fairly new and efficient.

Just wondering if there is anything common to troubleshoot first before I go spending on a new battery, etc etc.

Cheers! Just want this sorted as the van is up for sale and dont want the new owner left with a niggly problem.
Right OK, cheers for the replies. I'll have a search on how to do it. Any ideas why disconnecting/reconnecting the battery makes it work? If it is the switch?
I’m thinking it ‘may be ‘ slightly more likely to be your earth leads or major battery leads. Maybe because I’ve had these issues in the last couple of years. So very simply take each earth lead off one at a time and clean up it’s fixing spot and fixing bolt and the leads surface . Inspect each leads terminals as you do this for how well it’s connected terminal to lead and don’t forget the gearbox ones . One of mine failed dramatically and had almost eroded to nothing on the earth fixing behind the angled brace by the battery so it couldn’t be easily seen.

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,hating them lecky tricks :)
As Ozziedog suggested. For me, I had a corroded earth strap from the gearbox to the chassis, the single strand remaining used to glow when cranking.
If you have a set of jump leads then next time you get a " no start" before you do anything else get just one of the leads and clip one end directly to the battery and the other to any shiny or clean unpainted surface on the engine and try it again - if it starts it's likely to be an earthing problem causing your issues, if it doesn't then start checking ignition switch/solenoid etc.

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