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Parts For Sale Lithium battery 105ah

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Oct 20, 2009
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Hi, I am building a different off grid setup so I'm selling my excellent 105ah lithium battery at the end of March.

When I started with lithium I had a million questions so I'm posting up early so you can ask and decide if it's right for you.

Here's a few answers:
Yes you can mix lead acid starter and lithium leisure battery.
Anything that worked with 12v before will work with lithium.
You can't use a 'normal' charger.
Conventional split charge systems won't be of any use. You would want a DC to DC charger or charge it up once a week.
They don't 'fade' it's 100% power for max 80% then they stop.
Old leisure battery you can't go lower than 50% or it will kill it.

Conventional LB do about 3 to 400 charges then are past it. Lithium= 4000.
They are not liquid, you can have them any way around.
You can put it to sleep and other things, control via an app.

Price : £300 or a sensible offer. 12 cycles out of 4000 = as new. Is built and has a Bluetooth BMS. It's 4 x 3.2 (3.60) volt cells. One image shows 6 but I was balancing cells, it's only 4. Connected in series so that's how you get to a 12v battery, 3.2 x 4.

I used on our Scotland roadtrip last year it was perfect. They charge in about an hour and we never had any issues with battery fading which is why lithium is such a game changer, you get full power for 80% of charge.

Separately I have a 14v charger as well if you don't already have.
They're balanced and ready to go. Fit perfectly in the engine storage on the left in the battery area). I made my own box so it's a bit 'homebrew' but fully functional.

Pictures, I can post more. I used Anderson connectors and will throw a couple in.


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