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Mar 22, 2019
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Hi, where is the best place to get some rear seat belts for my bus, I have a 3/4 width bed and wanted to fit two belts with at least one able to accommodate a child seat.
I really want them to match the ones in the front which are static chrome Wolfsburg ones, but I’m thinking an inertia one with a lap belt would be better. However I’m struggling to find some that state they’re fit a bus, Iv seen plenty for beetles etc.

Also I presume I don’t need any extra brackets as it has the original factory fitting/hole from when it was originally a micro bus.

Any advise would b very much appreciated 😀
Seat belt planet, in the U.S. will make just about anything that you can dream of. Have a chat with Davidoft on here or on the LateBay and ask him about his custom belt mounts, he may even have stock belts.
The extra brackets thing might be to raise the fitting point that is only right by the window level to somewhere more acceptable.:)

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,then relax,,,enjoy :cool:
Depends if you have units that obscure the window level mounts, if you do then it will be a lap belt and a three point.
I presume most traders sell them . Static three pointers are fairly generic?
As Ozzie said, the seat belt riser bars are a useful addition

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