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W.T.B 1968 deluxe 7 passenger bay bus parts needed.....

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Aug 6, 2018
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First off ..... hello everybody. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
I'm new to this site. Ran across it searching for parts....
Me and my old man restore and work on old cars/trucks/busses etc... as a hobby... had a friend of a friend bring us what I have named Frankenstein.... a 1968 deluxe 7 passenger LHD bay bus to restore.... I should have researched it first... i had no idea it would be loaded with 1 year only and other almost impossible to find parts.... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
I have a 71 convertible super beetle but never have I owned a bus (I would like to have one... one day... eventually) so this has been a learning experience for everybody...
Here's what I am looking for. Preferably I need everything to be in really good condition or new...
If someone has any of the things I need or information on where I can find it... I would be greatly appreciative for any information or leads...
I live in Shelby, NC 28150 United states... so if you have something on my list I would like price w/shipping and pictures...
PayPal ready....

Here's what I am currently looking for or if anybody has any other 68 bus parts not on my list let me know.... it may be something I'll want or need anyways....

▪2x dome lights (complete assemblies)
▪Complete dash (or any parts for a 68 bus dash) I need the dash, the top pad, cluster/gauge face plate, vents glove box and lid, ashtray, knobs, grab handle ....etc... everything... I probably will paint it so if it's faded or something minor that's ok but looking for something that's not cracked or busted up.
▪under the dash there is some metal duct pieces that diverts air from the fresh air vents to the doors I need the drivers side.... the outer plastic piece that meets with the door and the metal piece that attaches to that. Also (probably a long shot and I may have to do away with them) I would like to find the arm rests/fresh air ducts that attach to the door panels. Again not cracked or busted up... I can paint them and make minor repairs but would like to find some not bashed to death like the ones I took of if possible...
👆 if I can't find a good set of ducts/ armrest assemblies for door panels then ill be doing away with them and I'll be looking for just a regular arm rests for both cab doors... so if you have those let me know....
▪rear bumper splash pans
▪Sun visors and rear view mirror
▪ any door handles (inside or out) it has the push button style on the exterior cab doors and pull style locks/handles... ..they are not the one piece lock/handle
▪ also both the push button lock/latch handles for the hatch and engine door
▪license plate light assembly
▪ upper brake fluid reservoir...
we converting to a semi camper (not going full blown with cabinets, sinks etc ....we are just removing middle seat and leaving bench bed in back)
▪So I'm also looking for fold up rear facing rumble seats, curtain rods, and a recessed collapsible table .... Preferably round table top.
Pretty much everything I need is cosmetic....
We have already repaired or replaced everything under the bus and mechanically so it is now running and driving.... well, somewhat... it is missing 4th gear so I'll be looking for a transmission at some point but that's not dire right now... right now its running and moveable so I can do what I need to, to get it ready to paint and get it done on my end... but if you know where a transmission is (from my understanding it too is 1 year only) let me know about it too... but again not emergency situation on that.

Also, like I said above, if you have anything for a 68 bay and it's not on my list then I probably Still need it, or will need it so let me know what you have

Thank in advance
Chelle (me) and Frankenstein (the bus)

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