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Parts Wanted SORTED NOW Seal for under dash fresh air duct

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May 24, 2021
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County Durham
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I realised the ductwork under the dash of our 1970 microbus was not done properly. So i have been gradually collecting the correct bits.
I need the seal that goes onto the end of ducts 211 259 235/236 which feed fresh air up to the windscreen corners/vents that blow in your face.
I have tracked down one seal, so need another if anyone can help me out. Its a spongy feeling soft rubber,

Edit; two possible part numbers are 211 819 239, or 211 259 239, but can't find any online UK sellers. Google Image finds a picture from CoolAirs site but theres no such page found.

Thanks for any help offered.


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Thanks for that link. Bus-ok.nl were about the only place I could find it listed online, but seem to be currently OOS.
Plus price with import to UK would soon add up, so I hoped to try here first where I might find a reasonably priced used one in the UK.
Ironically in my day job I design the tooling to make rubber hydraulic seals, but the tooling up costs for these would be too high for such a limited market, which is a shame.
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