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Currently on the list is 'JUST ALL OF THE THINGS' to make the van ready for Friday and our first trip away in it for the first time in 2 years whilst it's had it's underside made ship shape to hold both ends together.

Following that I'm looking forward to those little projects that make it more usable or just a bit nicer, without the pressure of having it off the road with the summers slipping away.

In that respect as tinkertime goes, it should be an enjoyable down time winter ;)
1. Finish off rebuilding my engine after the flywheel came loose.
2. Install the brake servo that's been sitting in my garage for the last 2 years.
3. Sort out the small rust patches that has appeared in several places.
4. Fit rear disk brakes.
Build my engine back up, had the long block all together for over a year, and the bus immobilized for two! I was going to put a kompressor haus kit on it, but looking into it further, I think they need an external oil cooler to help with the heat, and the price kept rising, so im going with 36 drla's. One's been a bit scorched and needs a rebuild, but got to be cheaper than a blower.
Then there's the interior to finish and the leisure charging system, maybe an espacher as I have one, but we'll see.

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