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Vehicle For Sale 1958 Fiat 600

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Sep 8, 2008
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Felixstowe, Suffolk
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Westfalia pop-top
For sale ad for my friend Daves race car
1958 Fiat 600, some of you may remember this as the yellow 1/4 mile monster famous for Smokey burnouts, massive wheelies and originally raced in California by Jeff Denham in the 90’s. It was fully restored repainted red after it fell over at Santa pod in 2016 after doing a huge wheelie.

Car is available turnkey or as a roller.

Engine is specs are:
2276cc, 11.7:1 compression ratio, AS41 case, Weber 48 Ida carbs, full MSD ignition, 2” ceramic header & custom muffler, CB 044 super pro heads, Engle fk 87 cam, straight cut cam gears, scat 1.4 rockers, scat crank and rods, Thorsen pieper tool steel lifters, chromoly push rods, 3.5L sump, remote oil filter & cooler. Kennedy stage 2 clutch and dalken super disc.

Gearbox is a close ratio CogBox built IRS box with a spool, custom made axles and type 2 CVs .

Fitted with Jaz seats, disc brakes at the front, Simpson harnesses, Autometer gauges , Holley fuel system, berg shifter and 6 point roll cage built by CotsWeld.

No PXs or trades, price is the price . pound sterling ££££, this car runs high 10 sec passes with nitrous, you could not build something this fast for that price

If interested message me for Daves details.
£20k turnkey
£12k without motor

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Still for sale, movement on price of anyone wants a new toy for 2024

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