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1968 Dormobile, New MOT, price reduced

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Mar 21, 2013
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Surrey Hills
Argueably the best year and model. 1968 was the first year of the baywindow so has some interesting features left over from the split screen, but better engine, brakes and steering etc.

Being right hand drive your children don't spill out of the sliding door into the road !

As a Dormobile it has two bunks in poptop for children, a double R&R bed below, and the interesting and space saving working cooker under the passenger seat.

The pop top roof has windows and vents (and a mirror) making inside light and airy. It does not leak.

The fridge is powered by gas, 12v or mains if plugged in.

Full mains hook up, providing 240v in the bus and charges the batteries (motor and leisure)

Two gas cylinders, one for cooker, one for Fridge

Nice curtains, including wrap-around front windscreen curtain - fits on the outside

Discrete LED lighting

The bus is ready for its next adventure, we've owned it for 11 years, been on holiday to Devon, Cornwall and Spain every year, but now the kids are too big for the bunk beds, so time to move on, if it doesn't sell and we're allowed to we will be using it this summer for day trips

Since we've had it no expense has been spared on maintenance, it has new tyres, brand new exhaust and anti-roll bar bushes for MOT last week, engine fire suppression system, blue tooth radio, starter motor, new bunk fabric, new voltage regulator, sound proofing, roof rack, Gene Berg gear shifter and probably much more I don't remember.

There are the inevitable few rust bubbles, but you've got to look pretty hard to find them and condition is very good for a UK, 53 year old bus. The only significant flaw in the bodywork is there are signs where both rear wings have been replaced in the past, the weld shows through at certain angles as a horizontal ridge. (look above the fuel cap on photos), but this does not really detract from the general good looking condition of the bus.

Underneath is clean.

Always garaged and not taken out in wet unless unavoidable (holidays in Cornwall!)

Unusually for these buses the heating duct is intact.

The engine starts every time on first flick of the key - and has never let us down.

There are two keys, and the same key opens all doors. (The fuel cap has different key, of which there are two)

Large file documenting 1000's of £ spent over the years by us and previous owners

Viewing welcome (Near Guildford)

This is a straight sale, I'm not interested in swaps, part exchange or any other "arrangement".

There is also a drive away "Quick Erect" awning included, ie like a self contained tent, but one wall zips out to provide dry access into the bus via sliding door.

We've tried to keep it as "stock" as possible - it has been slightly lowered by previous owners. It passed it MOT last week.

In my opinion you'd be unwise to buy a vehicle of this age without an MOT, the MOT man can see far more from under his ramp, and proding around with the weight off the wheels would expose more than you could realistically hope to see walking around and peering underneath - unless of course you know exactly what you are looking at !

It's on Ebay for £20K, would take £19k from someone from this website (£18,500 without awning) as hopefully if you've found this website
you're past the dreaming stage - and are seriously looking at getting a good Early Bay bus.

Email is the best way to contact initialy

[email protected]

















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