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Thanks guys it's been really hard work. There is still more to come but it does make me smile. Especially when I get positive comments from you guys who I look at your vans and think God is love to own that !!! Hopefully will get yo have a proper drive later this year !!!
Not too much movement with the bus . Decided to fit a floor to make the living bit feel a bit more like a camper than a van with some furniture in the back so built a floor. Stated with some flash banding on the floor metal, then laid some 2mm foam insulation and finally 12mm marine ply floor with Lino on top. Found some cool grey Lino that looks a bit like westy material but has a silver and gold fleck. Should match with the mustard vinyl really well when it's finished ..

Started out like this ........

Finished day like this .....

Moving on slowly but looking forward to volksworld show next weekend.
Cheers guys.

Managed to find the buddy seat to finish off the interior George so got the full westy !!! Still needs insulation and door trims before the interior is much like !!
Well had a great day at the vowo show and picked up some choice bits but mainly interior trim panels and few stickers !!

So got home and started fitting after making sure all the panels had been varnished in satin hope you guys like

Hey guys it's been a quiet here until the last few weeks, I've been on my honeymoon and skinted myself.

Now I'm back and final push to get the van running and driving !!!!

I'm pleased to say Huey now has a 12 month ticket and is running and driving, I did have to concede to defeat and pay to have some of the work done at Dub werks in Cleveland. If anyone wants some quality work done then he's the man. So informative and kept my prices down too.

So here he is looking resplendent in his ratty hue of green

So since the bus is back on the road I thought I'd take it to work and hide it amongst the expensive toys. Still know which is prefer to go home in !!!

Also decided to tint the lights as I love the look of yellow lenses and will add to some of the little modifications coming soon

It's lovely to have it running and driving now so we decided to take the bus to the sister in laws yesterday in Harrogate for a run out.

Bus is looking cool 8)

Epic job on the paintwork etc. - well done. Lots of good times ahead I'd say :party0049:
Does look good. You can get a surge of inspiration when you have it as a rolling resto. I think I might of given up if mine was off the road too long.

Ozziedog ',,,,,, fair play
Thought I would try some funky 70s stripes !!!!

Hope you like , it's not going to be everyone's choice but I think it makes it stand out !!!
Not only does that make it stand out and not only does it look exceptionally cool, but I should imagine that it would make it go much much faster with those super looking stripes down the side :mrgreen:

Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Very Starsky and Hutch, 8) 8) 8)
Love the stripes! Was going to take mine off the side a re-do them as they're totally knackered - think you've persuaded me.
Looking at the pictures from when you first bought it, it's hard to believe it's the same bus, you should have an "Earlybay.com Award" for best transformation, it really is great work.

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